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Many of you have been asking me for a long time how I can eat like this….


Bake so many sweets…


And wuffle on about ice cream cones, bacon cheeseburgers and cookies and of course, pie…


And not be the size of a moose.

The answer is simple: Chiaerobics.


That’s right.  Chiaerobics.


First, you make sure you get plenty of cardio.  My preferred methods are running spastically through the yard…


Or doing Chi-kickboxing.  It’s great for toning the arms and abs.


After forty five minutes to an hour of cardio, we’re ready to tone and tighten.


First, we’ll work our legs.  Squats, lunges, calf raises….Chiaerobics has it all!


Don’t forget arms–tank top season’s coming up!


Queen Bitty does not allow flabby arms in the Pond.


And don’t even think about forgetting about abs.

dsc05473This photo was not staged.

Chiaerobic trainers are great.  They insist on resistance training…

dsc05475This photo isn’t staged either.

Providing motivation…

dsc05479This is really what happens every time I do situps.

And making sure one gets an adequate cooldown.

For more information about Chiaerobics, e-mail Queen Bitty through the contact form of my site.  She’ll be happy to send you a royal program to get you started.


It certainly worked for me!

Stay tuned, Invisible Friends! Tomorrow we have a new Penelope’s Pie Shop tale and Thursday, cooking out with the Blond Duck!  Friday is a new Twirl and soon, we’ve got a new Rubber Chicken as he searches for the Fuzzy Duck!  Will he ever find her?  How much longer will his journey take?  Stay tuned to find out!

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81 Responses to “Chiaerobics”

  1. Yaya Says:

    You are HILARIOUS!

  2. Andrea Says:

    Too funny! You should make a video and market it.

    (And hey shuffle, shuffle. Thanks for the comment on my site. Here’s to success for us both!)

  3. Kelly Says:

    Working out is the best way to keep and maintain a health figure! It keeps the metabolism sped up so that one can enjoy sweets.
    Many, many years ago a cousin of mine asked me why do I work out if I’m skinny…I said why do you think I *stay* skinny???? lol

  4. cindy Says:

    That was great…what motivators :)

  5. doggybloggy Says:

    you are nuttier than a pecan pie!

  6. Donna Says:

    You are too cute!! I have to try your workout. I am thinking of doing them strictly at home from now on! Thanks for the smiles.

  7. Lucy Says:

    Looks like I must get a new puppy to follow your great routine!!! Too Funny!!! XOX’s

  8. Katherine Says:

    Hmm so I’m thinking can I get the same results with Scout, she does weigh a tad more than your pups? Will unruly teenagers work? So when does the video come out?

  9. Theresa Says:

    That’s a great motivator. I need to try with my guys!

  10. Karen Brown Letarte Says:

    Hilarious!! NOW I know why my workouts are just not effective. No chihuahuas! I DO have a Golden-Pyrenees… he weighs 90 lbs, perfect for resistance training… but somehow I’m not sure he would like to be hoisted up in the air. Yep, I’m pretty sure Huck is anti-hoisting.

    I love working out and am just getting back to it after a long hiatus.

    :) Karen, the DomesticMuse

  11. Cakelaw Says:

    LOL – I would be too scared that I would not live up to the expectations of the Chiaerobics instructors!! However, it definitely works for you.

  12. sassy stephanie Says:

    I seriously need to get on the chiaerobics bandwagon.

  13. elra Says:

    Waaaa, if I do that with my two golden retrievers, I think I’d be squeezed flat. LOL.
    Lucky you dear, maybe you can come over and train me too.

  14. Marjie Says:

    Mastiffarobics would not work so well. It’s hard to lift the 265 pound size doggy.

  15. Sara Says:

    Hilarious! Your dogs are so cute :)

  16. perpstu Says:

    Hilarious! I could use two shih tzus as weights and every time I lay on the floor I get 60 pounds of black furriness plopping down on my torso! I ought to be thin in no time! LOL

  17. MammaDucky Says:

    Doing workouts with my kids used to be a lot easier. They keep gaining weight though! We’re almost at 100 lbs worth of kids now! I think I need some little doggies!

  18. Wolf Says:

    that was the funniest post! i loved it! i get my exercise because of my pups too…although not lifting them…

  19. KathyB! Says:

    You are HILARIOUS! Now I know why I’m always battling the bulge — I need some chihuahuas :) Either that or some Taco Bell…

  20. Pearl Says:

    Oh you are absolutely adorable; to participate in chiaerobics, is it a lot of dedication and hardwork? ;)

  21. Kristina Says:

    I guess I will have to borrow my coworkers Chi!!

  22. Carrie Says:

    too cute!

  23. Kelly Deneen Says:

    bwahaha! LOVE it! I wish my dogs were small enough to lift like that. :)

  24. Life with Kaishon Says:

    Well, you look great : ). They are so cute.

  25. Chad in the AZ Desert Says:

    They make good weights, but I’m guessing that they are not into going for long runs with you.

  26. Megan Says:

    NOW I realize what has been missing in my workouts! Sigh, yet another reason to get a dog.

  27. pam Says:

    Well,you look fabulous. Now I know your secret – I need two cute little dogs!

  28. Jamie Says:

    Your funny!

  29. laura Says:

    Oh My God!! That is hilarious. Are you in Alaska for the picture of the moose? Laura

  30. Stephanie Says:

    Thanks SITSta for stopping by. Love the workout buddies you have, so funny!

  31. Cheryl Says:

    That is the cutest thing I have seen in a very long time! You are one toned chica!

  32. April Says:

    That is too funny! Hey, I say do whatever works for ya!

  33. Reeni Says:

    That is the cutest thing!! My cat does the same thing when I do yoga-or he thinks I’m playing with him and starts attacking me!!!

  34. Diana Says:

    You totally look like a runner to me! I can spot my kind from far away! :) That + strength training really is a great way to keep the metabolism roaring like a fire — it certainly helps me to eat ice cream and cookies and pizza and exorbitant amounts of peanut butter!

  35. Pietro Says:

    Funny indeed! And the music was nice?
    About my post, they are repeaters, that’s to say aerials!

  36. Amy Says:

    Thanks for coming by the other day and today. I love your work out. It rocks!!!!

  37. Se'Lah Says:

    How funny is this? Great post. LOL

  38. heatherlyn Says:

    You are the cutest thing ever! I love that you eat what you want AND stay healthy!!!!

  39. Tatersmama Says:

    THAT’S where I’ve been failing ! I just don’t have the right equipment…:-( And the best part of having a chiaworkout? They can bite you in the arse when you want to give up!
    Well… admittedly, only when you’re on the floor! LOL!

  40. susieshomemade Says:

    That is too funny! Martha Stewart actually had a segment about that a couple weeks ago. So, you are on the cutting edge:-)

  41. That.Girl Says:

    See, I knew there was a reason I need a dog, or two!

  42. megan Says:

    I need another pup! My hubby isn’t going to like this! All in the name of good health.

  43. Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella Says:

    LOL That is so ingenious! I was wondering if this was yet another form of exercise I need to avoid :P

  44. Heather Says:

    they are so freaking cute! i can’t stand it! i get pretty much the same response from roxie when i do situps (10 times a year). it’s not quite as hilarious when the dog is 85 pounds ;) which is probably why i look like i haven’t done situps in 6 years ;)

  45. Jessica@FoodMayhem Says:

    HAHA, I’m on a similar regimen, a Jack Russell Terrier version.

  46. jenjen Says:

    Love those pictures Duckie! What a great exercise program. Mine is much the same, but instead of cute dogs, I have children hanging off my arms and legs. jk

    You are so cute!


  47. Sarahlcc Says:

    That is so flipping hilarious!!!! We have a couple of Chi’s too. Bert and Ernie. I doubt they would approve. :D

  48. Mama K Says:

    Absolutely hilarious. I can attest to the fact that the Babies DO sit on you when you do your workout in case anyone thinks they were forced “to perform”.

  49. The Pink Tutu Says:

    Hehe. Love the doggies!!

  50. Jenni Jiggety Says:

    How much do they charge an hour for their fabulous training services?

  51. Ginger Says:

    Oh my gosh! You are awesome!!! You get down with your bad self and your work out plan! :) (And I’m envious of your job, btw..)
    Thanks for stopping by de-comp!

  52. kellypea Says:

    Well hell. No wonder my workouts suck. I don’t have any chihuahuas. Talk about multi tasking. Ooo-eee. You are amazing.

  53. midwest mommy Says:

    OMG! You are a riot…I love it!

  54. van Says:

    Love your workout with your doggies!

  55. blueviolet Says:

    It’s clearly working so where do I sign up?

  56. Whitney Says:


    I was so confused by the title, but now it makes perfect sense.

    Of COURSE Queen Bitty would not allow flab in her pond. How would that reflect on her royal highness if she had flabby subjects? The answer is quite poorly, my friend. Praises to the honorable and healthy Queen Bitty for keeping your physique in tip-top chi-shape!

  57. lisa (dandysugar) Says:

    You crack me up!! Love the doggie workout! =)

  58. Andrea Says:

    haha! any time I get on the floor to exercise, they are all up in my business. if i’ve doing sit ups, they are on my belly. push ups, they lay beneath me.

    cute post!

  59. M.L. @ the house of whimsy Says:

    This is the SWEETES, CUTEST post EVER! I smiled through the whole thing. You’re a great puppy Mommy. : )

  60. Michelle Says:

    You are SO funny! Lol! I don’t have chihuahuas…I guess I will have to do kitty aerobics. LOL

  61. Pumpkin Says:

    Hmmm. I have no pets… and “houseplantaerobics” sounds a little messy… Or, I suppose I could use hand weights.

  62. Paula Says:

    Oh my gosh, these pics are great! How hysterical that your babes like to plant themselves on you while you exercise! I particularly like the one where Bear is nose to nose with you! Hope his daily kibble breath didn’t make you wuffle! :-) Seriously, though, how sweet that they want to be with you no matter if you are inside, outside, still, or at motion! Sweet little chias!

  63. Jane Says:

    Funny and Brilliant thats you Duckie. Jane x

  64. Marie Says:

    Love, Love, LOVED this Duckie! I love Bitty and Bear, and I love you!! I wish I had your stamina for all that exercise! XXOO

  65. dawn (bee and rose) Says:

    Chiaerobics looks fun to me!!

  66. Donnetta Jaye Says:

    LOVE it!! I bet they are constantly on your heels, barking at you to KEEP MOVING!! :)

    Thanks for visiting & commenting!

  67. Lora Says:

    Ok, that is very possibly the best exercise blog I’ve EVER seen. Fabulous :0)

  68. Olga Says:

    omg, that’s so totally hilarious!
    and that pecan pie looked amazing!

  69. Ally Says:

    Gosh, you are teeny! Lucky lady. My pups have me on a similar work out plan–there’s is step on my hair while trying to do sit ups (even if it’s in a ponytail!)–which provides great resistance! Ha!

  70. natalia Says:

    I love your tecnique !!! I’ll have to start it with my cat !! You are great !

  71. Kara-Noel Says:

    You are funny!

  72. Thimbleanna Says:

    This is hysterical! I can’t believe your dogs put up with that — hahahaha!

  73. noble pig Says:

    That’s hilarious but I’m sure they love it!

  74. Sharon Says:

    This is sooooooo CUTE! I absolutely adore this post of yours!!!

  75. ingrid Says:

    LOL, if my babygirl had read that she’d tell me what you’re really saying is if I get her a dog I’ll lose weight! :-)

  76. Rachel (S[d]OC) Says:

    Those are some seriously patient dogs!!

  77. Jen Says:

    Thanks for making me smile! :)
    Creative and Curious Kids!

  78. Carebear Says:

    LOLOLOL!! I am cracking up at chiarobics! Hilarious. One of the funniest things I’ve seen all year. Love it, love it, love it! Thanks for your compliment on my reflection photo!

  79. Teri Says:

    Well, it seems to be working for you so keep it up! I was just reading your last post about burgers and wondering how you stay so trim!!

  80. Megan Says:

    That’s hilarious!! It’s certainly working. I definitely could not do that with my 80+ pound lab though. He’d crush me. LOL

  81. propecia Says:

    It is the coolest site,keep so!

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