The World’s Easiest Dinner

Posted on September 10th, 2009 in Stories

Whether you’re tired and stressed,

Pressed for time or late home from school,

Or maybe you just have no idea what to eat,


Then a quesadilla is perfect for  you.


Easy and quick,

Thick and cheesy,

Spicy or plain,

A quesadilla calls anyone’s name.

The best thing about quesadillas, you see,

Is that they’re very easy.

You can make them in a pan,

You can make them on a grill,

You can even microwave them,

If you so please.


Stuff them with veggies,

Cheddar or white cheese,

Chicken or beef,

It’s going to be tasty.


The best thing about quesadillas,

I’ve discovered,

Is you can make them anytime, anywhere,

Even if you find yourself at your parents’ house alone while everyone else is off hunting with no idea what to make for dinner.


So grab yourself a skillet,

And plop down a tortilla (they’re a Pond staple, you know),

Corn, wheat or flour–it doesn’t matter.

Spread on some beans–refried works best, (though black beans are delicious with queso blanco),

and sprinkle on some cheese.


And if you’re really nice,

You could sprinkle some cheese for the hungry critters dancing around your feet.


Then add your fillings,

Chicken or beef,

Peppers, veggies or salsa,

Just keep it thin (this isn’t a taco, ya’ll).


Stick on a another tortilla,

with more beans and cheese (I never said this was the world’s healthiest dinner),

Brown one side,


Then flip it over.


Load it up with sour cream,

Salsa or hot sauce,

Or just eat it plain,

(Quesadillas are perfect for picky eaters that way).


But if you’re tired or stressed,

Hungry and confused,

Or even if you find yourself in another’s kitchen,

A quesadilla is the perfect solution.

Spicy or mild,

Cheesy or veggie,

Quesadillas you see,

Are the definition of easy.

Stay tuned, Invisible Friends!  Tomorrow we have a new Twirl and Saturday, a new Creative Woman of the Pond!  Then we have more whimsical fun!  Stay tuned!

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60 Responses to “The World’s Easiest Dinner”

  1. Carrie Says:

    This does look pretty easy and affordable. Which is perfect when you’re a student cause you don’t have time or money to cook elaborate meals.

  2. blueviolet Says:

    Cheese quesadillas are one of my favorite meals!

  3. doggybloggy Says:

    quesadilla might be a confusing word but the simplicity of its design is not!

  4. buffalo dick Says:

    I like them for a snack or a light dinner!

  5. The Head Eagle Says:

    we love quesadillas at our house..they are a staple@

  6. Alice In Wonderland Says:

    These look so good! I really must try out this recipe! I’ve never heard if them in England though, so I might start off something new here! We do have what we call stuffed pancakes, which are very much the same as what you describe. With our stuffed pancakes, you can put almost anything in them! I’ll try out these later!

  7. nora@ffr Says:

    yess!! this is the most easist dinner ever!! yummmm!!

  8. Teri Says:

    Love them!

  9. Kristen Says:

    I LOVE cheese quesadillas!! Beautiful recipe!! :)

  10. QueenBeeSwain Says:

    OOOoh, will have to pass this along to my sis- she’s the one with the salty-tooth!



  11. Debbie Says:

    I love quesadillas…they are so versatile!

  12. Courtney Says:

    I love quesadillas!! YUMMY, making me hungry!

  13. real style real people Says:

    I am jumping throughteh screen at these!

  14. Marjie Says:

    My third son makes quesadillas for snacks when he’s home. Good thing I always have leftover meat around, and, of course, plenty of cheese.

  15. Ramona Says:

    Your so right, very easy and good! The babies like that cheese!

  16. Scrappy Girl Says:


  17. Cafe Fashionista Says:

    I eat my quesadills with cheese and nothing else. I’m one of those picky eaters who virtually dissects anything edible placed in front of me. They kind of remind me of grilled cheese sandwiches (yum!) when made that way! :)

  18. Faith Says:

    I love a good, cheesy quesadilla. A delicious, fast, and filling meal!

  19. kelly Says:

    i make something very similar on friday and sat nights when i don’t really feel like makng a big dinner

  20. beth aka confusedhomemaker Says:

    Quesadillas are great & this is making me hungry. Too bad I wouldn’t be able to have all that yummy cheese right now (breastfeeding elimination diet–turns out baby ain’t into dairy). I’m now going to just daydream about cheese.

  21. Kristina P. Says:

    Quesadillas are honestly one of my favorite things to eat.

  22. The Pink Tutu Says:

    Delicious! I do like to make quesadillas for the easiness factor.

  23. Pam Says:

    My daughter LOVES bean and cheese quesadillas – just like her mom.

  24. Frizzy Says:

    Love them but I’ve never made them with beans. Just cheese, salsa and chicken. I’m going to have to try them your way. YUMMY!

  25. Mary Says:

    These looks so good.Your tutorial is wonderful.

  26. Cheryl Says:

    Yum I havent had a crispy cheesy Quesadilla for sooo long!

  27. Linda Says:

    One word…………….YUM!

  28. perpstu Says:

    I looooove quesadillas! We eat them all the time in my little pond!

  29. Kelly Deneen Says:

    AND if you need to make a few at once, turn on the Broiler in the oven, and put them together on a cookie sheet. Just flip once, and voila! Perfect!

    I LOVE quesadillas!!

  30. Sweetie Pie Says:

    I second everything you said in this post (including the sprinkling of cheese for the critters.) I love quesadillas. They are an awesome way to use up leftovers, and I’m all about using up my random leftovers! Yummy!!

  31. Legallyblondemel Says:

    I can think of few, if any, Mexican dishes more worthy than the quesadilla of an ode. I don’t know if/ how I would have made it out of undergrad without them.

    HRH Pug lives for the cheese sprinkles that inevitably fall as part of the cooking process, naturally.

  32. Palidor Says:

    That does look nice and easy!

  33. shraddha Says:

    look delicious!!

    stumbled it! i have got stumbling mania today!!

  34. noble pig Says:

    Pass me a bite would ya’?

  35. Molly Says:

    This is my sister’s favorite meal. But she takes the easy way out and just puts wherever cheese she has and microwaves it…not nearly as good as the real thing :)

  36. Amy Says:

    WE eat a lot of those around here. Love them and loved your post. so cute.

  37. Kerstin Says:

    I heart quesadillas too, they are just SO good – yum!

  38. Jennifer @ It's A Beauty Filled Life Says:

    Mouth. Watering. Now. Need. Quesadilla. Please.

  39. Mammatalk Says:

    Tummy is growling over here!

  40. Reeni Says:

    I love quesadillas!! YUMMMMMM!!

  41. Reviewer11 Says:

    I agree, Quesadillas are so fast and easy to make. Thanks for the advice. :D

  42. Amber Says:

    Ooo we are a huge fan of them here.

    We even have a quesadilla maker.

  43. Barbara Says:

    What’s not to love about a quesadilla. Quesadillas are one of the first things my kids learned how to cook. They still make “jam tacos” – something you may want to try – spread a tortilla with jam and microwave until warm. You could even try adding peanut butter!

  44. Natashya Says:

    That does look perfectly easy and delicious!

  45. Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella Says:

    Amen to that! They’re a 10 minute meal if I’ve ever had one! :D

  46. Susie's Homemade Says:

    That looks so good!!!

  47. Heavenly Housewife Says:

    This would make for a great dinner when I’m on my own (ie not cooking for the hubbs), so little fuss or mess, I like that :D

  48. elra Says:

    I can do this, easy, simple and delicious too.

  49. Heatherlyn Says:

    I am a fan of the quesadilla!!!!

  50. Katherine Says:

    I would like them right now please. I like how you make them, i would never be able to flip them.

  51. Natasha - 5 Star Foodie Says:

    That’s what we like to eat for our easy quick dinners too!

  52. Pietro Says:

    Delicious! If I’m not mistaken, a quesadilla is a sort of cheese omelette, isn’t it?? :-)

  53. Erica Says:

    Hoooooray quesadilla! Such an easy yummy dinner. Its so my go to!

  54. Teresa Says:

    You’ve convinced me: what I need right now is some quesadilla love! LOL!

  55. Genny Says:

    We do a lot of quesadillas around here…but I can’t get away with stuffing them with vegies! My son can sniff them out from a mile away…lol.

  56. Megan Says:

    Yummy, yummy, yummy!!! I haven’t had lunch yet and my tummy is growling!!

  57. grace Says:

    yep, the quesadilla is always a winner. i love it because the variations are endless and because it’s pretty much impossible to mess up, an important quality in my kitchen. :)

  58. marie Says:

    Ohhh yumm!! I know what I’m having for dinner now!!

  59. Paula Says:

    Ah, the glorious quesadilla! I’d like a corn one please … any filling will do. I’ll wait. Patiently. Ahem. Is it ready yet? Tummy is growling! :-)

  60. Dawn (Bee and Rose) Says:

    I have been making black bean quesadillas for a week straight now! I am totally addicted!

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