Ben, the Burger King

Posted on March 25th, 2010 in Stories


This is Ben.


He is the Master of the Grill.


The Baron of Beef.


The Culinary Creative Genius.


The Burger King.

And not just any burger….


The Ultimate Bacon Cheeseburger.

We’re talking two thin patties.


Double cheese and bacon melted in the middle.


On a toasted bun slathered with barbecue sauce.


Cooked on a grill on a cast iron pan so everything tastes just like your favorite diner.


I’ve eaten a lot of burgers.  Heck, I did five stories for work about the best burgers in each suburb of our city.  I know burgers.  And I know bacon cheeseburgers.


And this is the best bacon cheeseburger I’ve ever had.


Baby, you are the burger king.

Now if I promise to rub your feet, will you make me another one?  Say every Saturday for the next 50 years?  6 p.m.?

Glad we could make a deal.


Excuse me.  I need to go to the store for beef, cheese and bacon…

Stay tuned, Invisible Friends!  Tomorrow we have a new Dallas Jean Lee and Saturday, more whimsy!  Stay tuned!

And did you see my feature on Six Feet Under?  Check it out!

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49 Responses to “Ben, the Burger King”

  1. Adrienne Says:

    Holy cow! I don’t know what else to say. Lol. I’m full just looking at it. The chef’s a cutie though. Lucky girl.

  2. Jessica @ How Sweet Says:

    That is one mean burger. Our hubby’s would get along great!

  3. Faith Says:

    That is a seriously good looking burger! It’s breakfast time and I wish I had one right now. ;)

  4. write-brained Says:

    Oh Ben…you had me at bacon ;-)

  5. Megan (Best of Fates) Says:

    I swear, if I keep reading your site, I don’t think I’m ever going to stick with this whole “healthy eating” thing.

    Mmm, bacon.

  6. Barbara Says:

    Where’s my invitation to dinner?

  7. doggybloggy Says:

    this is one killer diller burger – can you send ben to NYC!

  8. Rachel (S[d]OC) Says:

    Can he make me one too? What would it take? Gotta love Texas,’cause everythign is bigger there. I also want to know where I can get a job finding the best burgers in every town…

  9. Jen Says:

    Oh how my husband would love to live in your home. Poor guy has to live with a vege wife who served Vege burgers. Ha, Ha! Unless he cooks then I’m out of luck! Haven’t stopped by in a while- hope you are doing well. You always make me :) .

    Creative and Curious Kids!

  10. Ramona Says:

    That is one yummy looking burger. I think I need to go to the store for beef, bacon and cheese now too!

    I can eat all of those on my plan, just have to sub out the bun to a 100% WW bun and good to go!!!!

  11. Channon Says:

    Impressive burger!

  12. daisychain Says:



  13. Trudy Says:

    Wiping the drool off of my keyboard right now. That looks scrumpdillyicious!

    I would definitely say Ben is the Burger King!

  14. Scrappy Girl Says:

    Oh yum…I love a good burger.

    You asked me about New Orleans about a week ago. Sorry it took so long to answer you back. In my right column under labels click New Orleans…there are lots of ideas and opinions there. I think I even did a top 10 list at the end of the trip.

    Stay away from the Cheesecake Bistro…it is NOT good…don’t fall for it. lol. Acme Oyster and Mother’s are the restaurants the locals will send you to…ask the locals!

  15. 5 Star Foodie Says:

    That is an awesome burger!

  16. Cafe Fashionista Says:

    Wow! He really is the burger king; I don’t think I’ve ever seen something look that delicious!! :)

  17. Mimi Says:

    Did you say Saturday at 6 PM?

  18. Heavenly Housewife Says:

    Wow, I can see why you married him, he’s fab! :D
    Can I have a burger???? I might be the burger stealing bunny.
    Glad you like the new look of my blog daaaaahling. I’ll be around more often, just have been super busy with getting everything restarted. Its been an absolute mission.
    *kisses* HH

  19. Sophie Says:

    You married a fab man, …that’s all I can say!

    The man & the burger are looking good,….

  20. buffalo dick Says:

    Spooky! I was thinking of bacon cheeseburgers for tonight, and then I stop here!

  21. Pam Says:

    I’ll be at your house on Saturday at 5:55 p.m. Make one for me too Ben!

  22. DessertObsessed Says:

    5 stories about burgers?! hahahha! these sound amazing!

  23. southerncollegegirl Says:

    That looks amazingly wonderful! Nothing better than a burger!

  24. Erica Says:

    What an awesome post! He looks so happy with his burgers.

  25. Mary Says:

    Did you know he had those talents when you married him?

  26. Marjie Says:

    It looks like a wonderful burger. I might just have to try that technique.

  27. TeresaR Says:

    Ben should open his own burger joint! Lucky you to have him cook that for you. We’re going to have burgers tonight, but I don’t think dh will be making those. ;)

  28. Julie Says:

    I think prompted by this post and these pics, I caved in and had a fat juicy burger today. And I’m glad! Yum :)

  29. Mom Says:

    They were wonderful burgers. Danielle said it was the best burger she ever had, and I don’t think it was because she was starving from moving all day. The pie was pretty fantasic as well.

  30. heatherlyn Says:

    Your post made me smile. I love bacon, and toasted buns for burgers. It looked so yummy!

  31. Barb Says:

    Any man who can cook (and does) is worth keeping for 50 years!

  32. Melissa B. Says:

    Does Ben cater? How ’bout every Sunday, 6 p.m., for the next 50 years? ‘Cause you have him for Saturday, and all. I have to say, I’m salivating, big-time!

  33. Heather Says:

    Looks yum! Love all the cheese and bacon! Mmmm!

  34. Reeni Says:

    How mouth-watering delicious! Save one for me!

  35. Lady Fi Says:

    I’m sure it’s delicious… but I prefer my veggieburgers! ;-)

  36. Pietro Says:

    That delicious burger would be a breakfast/lunch/dinner for me! :-)

  37. Kimberly Says:

    Oh jeese, when are you inviting me over for dinner? Those look sinful!

  38. natalia Says:

    Mamma mia ! I would love one too !!!

  39. Cakelaw Says:

    Obscenely, I want one of ben’s burgers now, even though it is 9 at night and I have already had dinner.

  40. Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella Says:

    That melted cheese…drool! And did you work that into your vows?

  41. Jeannie Says:

    It’s only 9am but now I want a burger too!! Total awesomeness!!!!!

  42. Legallyblondemel Says:

    Hi Invisible Friend, I apologize that it’s been a long while since I’ve been by here. I’ve been neglecting my Google Reader terribly.

    That being said, I really shouldn’t have read this post right now – am starving, stuck at an appointment, and now wondering where I can get a bacon cheeseburger in Austin at 10 am.

  43. Michelle Says:

    OMG my mouth is watering. I could use one of those NOW!

  44. Teri M. Says:

    My husband would like an open invitation to come over on burger night. :)

  45. Louise Says:

    I know you don’t need to be told this but, just in case, KEEP THAT MAN!!! That’s one heck of a burger!!! Is that invite still open to visit?

    Why didn’t I ever think to cook on the grill in my cast iron pan. GREAT idea…thank Ben for me will ya…

  46. Louise Says:

    P.S. I tried to see your feature but I couldn’t find it anywhere.

  47. marie Says:

    Love that. Ben the Burger King. I bow down to you Ben and your most superb looking burgers! xxoo

  48. grace Says:

    if you ask me, no treatment of burgers is as awesome as grilling them. i’d unhinge my jaw for a bite of ben the burger king’s big burger. :)

  49. Kristin Says:

    I now have burger fever. Way to be Ben!

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