Shimmer 21

Posted on August 17th, 2011 in Shimmer

Ready to Shimmer?


Bridget and Cici thought Magnolia’s idea was perfect.  Amaryllis, however, had quite a different reaction.


“Absolutely not!  I can’t let you get involved with my –GAG–” A rose spewed onto the pie dough she was rolling out.  Gritting her teeth, she crumpled the rose in the pie dough, bashing it between her hands.  “Girls, the last person you ever want to get involved with is my sister.”  She dropped the now-pink dough onto her wooden board, shaping it into tiny rosettes with flying fingers.  “Trust me.  I know you mean well, but curiosity killed the cat.”  She rolled her eyes as a tiny grey kitten paused, one paw nearly in the frosting.  His wide green eyes blinked as his tiny mew pierced the air.  “Not you.  And I told you–no sugar until you’re one!”  She scooped him up and dropped him in her apron, next to a wide blue eyed white kitten perched in the other pocket.


Cici blinked.  “How did cats get in here?  When did cats get in here?”


“Cats?”  Bridget stepped back, covering her face.  “I’m allergic to cats.”


“Kitchen cats.  They just always appear while I’m baking. I’ve got dozens of them.”  She pointed a spoon at a calico kitten nibbling on the strap of Magnolia’s sandals.  “That one is yours.”


“But my aunt”–


“Cats choose people, and we should be honored they do.  They’re much smarter than us, anyway.”


“I’m a dog person.”  Bridget narrowed her eyes, ducking away from a black cat.  “A big dog person.”

“Just don’t let my kids in here,” Cici groaned.  “If they know there’s kittens…our neighbor just dumped two new puppies on us.  I can’t afford a cat.”

Magnolia grinned at the calico batting her ankle.  “They are awfully sweet.”  She scooped up the cat, wincing as it grabbed her arm with it’s tiny claws.

Amaryllis sprinkled sugar over the rose cookies, shoving them in the oven.  She brushed off her hands and put her hands on her hips.  “Now, let’s think of another way to get my– BAH–” she coughed out a wad of lavender– “Sister out of there.”  Staring at the lavender, she shrugged, crumpling it into a fresh batch of dough.


“I still say we force her out.”  Bridget backed away from the calico.  “There’s got to be a law or something.”


“She’s still got to be able to get in her own place,” Cici reminded her.  “Her store opens in a month.  On Midsummer’s Eve!”


Amaryllis dropped the bowl, lavender-scented shortbread falling onto her board.   Her hands trembled as she raised one hand to her mouth.  “I forgot.  Midsummer’s Night Eve.  If she’s not gone by then, I won’t be able to open.  And if I can’t open…”  She returned to her dough, rolling the bread out busily.


“If you can’t open, what?” Bridget pounced.


“There will be less magic.  That’s all.  Less shimmer.”  Amaryllis wouldn’t glance at her, her fingers folding and smoothing the dough faster than any machine.


“And you’re ok with that?”  Bridget snorted.  “You just spent half an hour convincing me I needed more magic and shimmer in my life.  Why are you ok with your sister taking that away?  And what’s so important about Midsummer’s Night?”


“Nothing.”  Silver glimmered over the smooth shortbread loaves, glittering as Amaryllis’ quaking hands tried to place them in their pans.  “Perhaps I need some more grease…”


“The only thing you need is–hey!” Bridget protested, cutting off as Magnolia pulled her outside.  Cici followed a moment later, brushing flour off her hands.  “What’s the big deal?” Bridget scowled.


“I figured it out!”  Magnolia hopped up and down, the kitten mewing in protest as she bounced her heels against her sandals.  “Listen, Amaryllis is all about magic, right?”


“Duh.” Bridget rolled her eyes.


“Well, think about it.  She’s been in this town for at least 50  years–to have helped my aunt.  But the funny thing is, everyone knows about her.  But no one talks about her, no one is scared by her.  Do you know why that is?”


“Lack of reality?” Cici suggested.


“No!”  Magnolia beamed.  “My uncle’s father opened his store fifty years ago, exactly.  Amaryllis was one of his first employees.  And all the people she used to help are older now–most retired, moved away.”


“Your point?”  Bridget edged away from the cat, wrinkling her nose.


“My point is this store isn’t just a store opening–it’s a rebirth of some kind.  That’s why her sister’s here to stop it.  My guess is Amaryllis’s magic does something to this town, and if she’s not there…”  Magnolia shrugged.  “Who knows what will happen?”


Cici and Bridget glanced at each other.  “So what should we do?”  Bridget gnawed on her lip.  “How do we fix this?”


“Well if Melantha is dark, we need to give her light.  Shimmer.”  Magnolia grinned.


“And how do we find shimmer?” Bridget asked sarcastically.  “Bottle it up?”


“No, we follow the trail.”  Magnolia winked.  “Just like Nancy Drew.  But I am not Bess!”


“The trail of what?” Cici wrinkled her forehead.


“This isn’t like Hansel and Gretel, is it?” Bridget asked suspiciously.  “I’m not chasing around after breadcrumbs.”


“It’s not breadcrumbs, it’s shimmer.  And I know exactly how to find it.”  Magnolia kissed the cat’s nose.  “And I know exactly where to start!”


Stay tuned, Invisible Friends! More deliciousness coming your way!  Stay tuned!

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21 Responses to “Shimmer 21”

  1. Couture Carrie Says:

    Have not seen The Help yet… but it looks great!


  2. Cafe Fashionista Says:

    Oh, I wish I knew how to find shimmer – it sounds magical! :)

  3. jordanaa Says:

    i wish i was covered in glitter and had magic.. oh the things i would do!!! i do want to see the help i hear alot of good things about it. i saw crazy stupid love and it was really good!
    fashion provocateur

  4. Teri Says:

    I want some shimmer!

  5. Ramona Says:

    I have 6 kitchen cats of my own!

  6. Rachel (S[d]OC) Says:

    Be careful. Midsummer is a dangerous night. Find that shimmer!

    I kind of like that as a slogan. “Find your shimmer.”

    I was thinking about how I would like kitchen cats to show up when I bake. Then I remembered how I used to get exasperated when my cat Puddlegum would arrive in the kitchen and get in the way when I was baking and I would squirt him with a water bottle to get him off the table. *sigh* Now I would give anything to have him stick his whiskered face in my mixing bowls again.

  7. heatherlyn Says:


    I hope you have a great Wednesday!

  8. Natasha Says:

    Yay, the cats will help find the shimmer. I like that Amaryllis can’t say anything bad without flowers coming out.

  9. joeinvegas Says:

    Sparkles and kittens? this is just too much

  10. Lady Fi Says:

    Oh how lovely that shimmer sounds.

  11. Katherine Says:

    I have a problem, I kept scrolling back up to look at the cupcakes!

  12. Marjie Says:

    Her kitten has helped her find the trail to the shimmer. Amaryllis must be saved!

    Thor is doing much better, and he thanks Queen Bitty for making you inquire. That is what happened, right?

  13. Alexis AKA MOM Says:

    I would love to chase shimmer anyday then breadcrumbs!! :)

    Got to love cats they are moody but they sure do pick who they like and don’t like.

  14. Maris (in Good Taste) Says:

    I am kind of agreeing with Katherine Love the cupcakes!

  15. blueviolet @ A Nut in a Nutshell Says:

    I wonder what the trail of shimmer looks like!

  16. TeresaR Says:

    How cool that Amarylis is like the town’s fairy godmother!

  17. sophia Says:

    I wish a cat would choose me. I’m not a dog person at all, but I love cats.

    Can’t wait to find out where the shimmer leads to! :-)

  18. Pam Says:

    This one is getting so good Duckie.

  19. My Inner Chick Says:

    —Excellent, BD. Loved this!
    “More magic and shimmer in my life!” Yes! Yes! xx

  20. Caren with a "C" Says:

    Great writing! :)

  21. Sue Says:

    I guess the town hinges on the magic of Amaryllis. Got to save it! :)

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