Shimmer 24

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It’s time to Shimmer.


Magnolia had barely wretched open the Grill’s heavy wooden door when a frizzy haired woman in a pale blue waitress woman glared through the crack.


“We don’t open for dinner until 6!” she barked, narrowing her eyes at Magnolia’s feet.  ”And we definitely don’t allow cats inside!  You can have coffee or pie…without the cat.”


Magnolia scooped up the calico, dumping it in her handbag on top of the jewels.  ”Is Ruby here?”


“Depends who’s asking.”  The waitress crossed her arms and glared.  ”Well?”


“My uncle Paul from the jewelry store sent us.”  Magnolia exchanged glances with Cici and Bridget.  ”He said she might have something to help us.”


“Help you with what?” the waitress sneered.


“Ummm…” Magnolia trailed off.  Cici shrugged helplessly.


“That’s none of your business,” Bridget interjected.  ”Now is Ruby here or not?”


“Why, you little”–  The waitress broke off as a flame-haired robust woman burst through the kitchen door, waving a towel.


“Back off, Thelma.  The girls mean no harm.  Paul’s an old dear friend of mine.  Come in, all of you.”  She winked at Magnolia.  ”Even your little calico friend.”


“Ruby, the health inspector”–


“Comes for dinner every night.  I’ll give him some pot roast and pecan pie and he won’t care if I’m feeding cats or aliens.”  Ruby waved them over to the bar, her wide frame squeezing onto a metal bar stool.  ”Get us some pie and coffee, will you, Trudy?”


“Make mine coconut cream, Trudy.”  Bridget smiled angelically, perching next to Rudy as Magnolia plopped down on the other side, pulling her kitten into her lap.


“Chocolate, please,” Cici added, sliding next to Magnolia.


“Anything for you?” Trudy snarled, turning towards Magnolia.


“No, thanks.  I’m fine.”  Magnolia smiled as Trudy huffed, storming through the kitchen door.  ”My uncle Paul sent me.  He said you might have something to help us.”


“I have more than something to help you.  I have a story for you.”  Ruby broke off as the kitchen door swung open.  Trudy slammed four plates of pie onto the counter.  She slid a silver pot towards them, brown liquid sloshing from the spout onto the counter.  ”You know where the cups are.  I’m going on break.”  She jerked off her apron and flung it on the nearest table, pounding her way out of the front door. It slammed behind her with a bang, rattling the thick class windows.  Ruby rolled her eyes.  ”I hope she calms down after her smoke break.  Jeez.”  She picked up her fork and pointed to the still-quivering door.  ”Trudy is a prime example with what will happen if we don’t get rid of Amaryllis’ sister.”


“You know about her?”  Magnolia pushed away her untouched pie.  ”How did you know?”


“I knew from the moment she blew into town.”  Rudy shuddered, pouring a cup of coffee.  ”When something that dark strides in, you can feel it.  Once you know about the shimmer, that is.”


“So you believe in that crap too?”  Bridget rolled her eyes.


“It’s not crap, it’s real.  And the sooner you believe it, the sooner you’ll get things fixed around here.”  Rudy took a sip.  ”The longer Magelena is in town, the worse things will get.”


“What do you mean?”  Cici licked whipped cream off her fork.


“Remember the real estate boom 25 years ago?  Or the depression this town had 50 years before that?  Or the drought that nearly starved everyone 100 years before that?”


“You can’t tell me that was her.”  Bridget snorted.


“That wasn’t her, but she caused it.  Just her presence causes things, just like Amaryllis’ presence causes joy and delight.  It’s their true nature.  The girl couldn’t help it if she wanted to.  Which she doesn’t, unfortunately.  She revels in misery.  And every 25 years, she tries to make sure nothing is ever fun again.”


“What can we do?” Magnolia asked, rubbing the cat.  ”How can we help?”


Ruby stood up, walking behind the counter.  She pulled out a brown package and slid it across the counter.  ”Put the jewels your uncle gave you in here.  At midnight, use it on top of Lover’s Lane, at the very top of the hill.  Everything you see will show you the way.”  She pulled her pie closer to her, shivering.  ”It’s going to take a lot of work, and you’ve only got two weeks left.  Because if Magenda succeeds this time…”  She trailed off.  ”No good can come of it.”


“I don’t understand.  A piece of what?”  Bridget narrowed her eyes.  ”This doesn’t make sense.”


Ruby cut through the crust, the bite lingering on her fork.  ”To stop her, you have to find all the shimmer Amaryllis has given this town.  This”–  She tapped the parcel–”Will show you where each piece is.  Combined with the jewels your uncle gave you, you’ve got the key to making sure Amaryllis’ evil sister can never destroy this town–or Amaryllis.  If you don’t find all the pieces…”  She winced.  ”Things won’t ever be right.  Magelena will always have a way in,  a way to destroy things.”


She shoved the rest of the pie in her mouth, mumbling around it.  ”So, as you can imagine, we’re all hoping you’ll get this fixed by Midsummer’s Eve.”


“Great,” Bridget muttered.  ”No pressure.”


“Just remember,” Ruby warned as Magnolia stood, pressing the package to her chest.  ”Once you find all the pieces, Amaryllis must assemble them under starlight at Midsummer’s Night.  Otherwise, the magic won’t work.”


“Of course not,” Bridget rolled her eyes.  ”What, will the fairies get mad?”


“No.”  Ruby shook her head.  ”You will.”


Stay tuned, Invisible Friends!  Delicious burger recipes mañana!  Stay tuned!

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24 Responses to “Shimmer 24”

  1. Teri Says:

    Sounds like finding all the shimmer is going to be a grand adventure!

  2. Penelope Says:

    Can I ask you a personal question? Why aren’t you writing an eBook? And getting yourself on Amazon or other eBook stores? Other people are doing it (and successfully)…and you clearly have talent. This is another awesome example.

  3. Cafe Fashionista Says:

    Ooh, I am so excited to take part in this new adventure! :)

  4. Krysten Says:

    Eek loving this lady!

  5. Lady Fi Says:

    Exciting! Another great adventure awaits.

  6. Faith Says:

    So exciting…hope they can do it in time!

  7. joeinvegas Says:

    Aaaaaa – a quest. Sounds like a lot of work (and more episodes!!)

  8. Stephanie Says:

    How exciting! I can’t wait to hear about their new adventures!

    Eternally yours,

  9. Pam Says:

    Another big adventure!

  10. Natasha Hollerup Says:

    I’m so excited for what happens next in the quest to find the shimmer and save the town.

  11. Lauralee Says:

    Nice website. Thanks for the comment.

  12. Pietro Says:

    Very beautiful!
    I can’t tell you the name of my flowers: I haven’t found them on Google!

  13. Kelly Deneen Says:

    I just subscribed to the RSS feed and am catching up now!! I have missed Shimmer. :)

  14. heatherlyn Says:

    That’s very interesting. I think I say that every time, but it is true!

  15. Kelly Deneen Says:

    Oh yayy! Now I am all caught up. Wow, those gals have their work cut out for them. This is officially my favorite story. :)

  16. She is Sara Says:

    It looks like they have their work cut out for them! Loved this one, you have a real talent!

  17. Robin Says:

    Oh my…. I can’t wait to go on this scavenger hunt of sorts. This should be great fun.

    Love your writing….

    Wishing you a beautiful week ahead

  18. blueviolet Says:

    I wonder how many bits of shimmer there are!

  19. Words Of Deliciousness Says:

    Very exciting. Can’t wait to see what happens.

  20. vianney/sweet life Says:


  21. Kennedi Rose @ Face and Fitness Says:

    This is my first visit to your site, and I’m intrigued. My first thought was — “a calico cat? why is she bringing a cat to a restaurant?” And it just got more intriguing from there. Evil spirits who can destroy a town … the shimmer … I can’t wait to hear more.

  22. Charlotte Says:

    LOOVE this! Your descriptions and action sequences read so well. And geeez, what crawled up Trudy’s butt??

    Also, I’m with Penelope–you should really look into writing an eBook :)

  23. Marjie Says:

    Magic jewels on Midsummer’s Eve. Sounds like every girl’s dream!

  24. Rachel (S[d]OC) Says:

    The gang should remind that waitress that in Paris it’s perfectly acceptable to have animals in restaurants. I went to one place in Paris where a cat wandered through the dining room and even made himself comfortable in a booth, sitting at the table like he wanted to order. Is it unsanitary? I don’t know. I grew up with cats sitting ON the table at dinner and I survived.

    Ever since I started this story I find myself watching this one large store in the middle of town that has been under construction for months and never opens and there is no sign whatsoever of what type of business is moving in there. I keep thinking it’s going to be a magical repository, or at the very least a cupcake bakery!

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