Shimmer 31

Posted on October 19th, 2011 in Shimmer, Stories

Do you Shimmer?


“What do you mean, it’s gone?”  The flowers fell from Bridget’s arms, the blooms scattering among the ashes ground into the singed floorboards.  ”They’re all gone?”


“Every single one.”  Magnolia’s trembling hands raised a soot-streaked box.  ”That’s weeks of work, years of memories…gone.”  Impatiently wiping away a tear that had the audacity to streak down her cheek, she climbed to her feet. Her wings brushed the bookcase, silver glitter raining down on charred wood.  ”We’ve got to get them back.”


“That would be easy if we knew who took them.” Bridget bent down, whisking the flowers up just before Magnolia’s heel pounded into the basement floor.  ”Wait!  Where are you going?”


Pausing on the bottom stair, Magnolia’s green eyes glowed in the shadows.  Unable to stop herself, Bridget took a step back.


“I’m going to get our jewels back.”  Tossing her golden curls, Magnolia stormed up the stairs, flying through the shop’s door.  Hurrying down the sidewalk, a pale arm grabbed her wrist.


“Magnolia!  Where do you think you’re going?”  Even in her fairy costume, her aunt looked anything but sweet.’


“I have something to take care of.”  Magnolia shook off her hand, starting towards Amaryllis’ store.


“But the festival will start any minute!  And the silent auction to raise money for the new store has already started!  And I need to you to make a speech and collect donations…”  Her aunt trailed off as Magnolia’s murderous eyes swept over her.


“I have something to take care of,” Magnolia repeated, her voice steel wrapped in velvet.  ”I’ll be back in thirty minutes.”


“But the festival will have already started!” her aunt wailed, staring after her as Magnolia stormed towards Amyarllis’ shop.  ”Magnolia!  Magnolia!”


Magnolia jerked the door open as her aunt’s words flooded after her.  ”This is coming out of your rent!”


“Don’t do it.”


The door slammed behind her, locking with a cold click. Magnolia whirled around, searching the shadows.  ”Where are you?”


“Don’t do it.”  Silver shimmered in the dark corners, a tiny burst of light.  ”If she sees you like this, you’ll lose everything.”


“She took the jewels, Amaryllis.”  Magnolia replied flatly.  Her wings drooped as she sighed.  ”She took the jewels.  Now I’ve got to go out there and explain to those people where their dreams and memories went.  And if I don’t find some way to stop her, this entire town will crumble into darkness and despair.  There won’t be a trace of shimmer left.”


“There won’t be a trace of your shimmer left!”  In a burst of silver, Amaryllis blinked into view.  In a silver gown, her now-white hair tumbled down in curls pinned up by jewels as her silver-blue eyes gleamed.  ”Why do you think I chose you, Magnolia?  Someone has to take care of this town when I’m gone.”


“What do you mean, when you’re gone?” Magnolia stuttered, shielding her eyes from the light.


“Everything has an end, Magnolia.  Those who shimmer are like stars.”


Magnolia shook her head, her throat tight.  ”No.  No.  You can’t leave.  You can’t just–crumble into nothing.  A star shines forever.”


“Even stars die.”  A cool white hand cupped her chin, white streaks of shine across her skin.  ”All light must go dark eventually.  But it is your task to carry on.  And if she has your shimmer…”  Amaryllis winced.  ”I won’t lose the store.  I’ll lose everything.”


“All light goes dark…” Magnolia reached into her handbag, closing her fist around something dark and cold.  The only jewel she had left, her uncle’s jewel.  ”Come on, Amyarllis!  We’ve only got a few minutes until the party starts!”


Stay tuned, Invisible Friends!  We have a new recipe and Friday five!

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20 Responses to “Shimmer 31”

  1. Natasha Says:

    I love Magnolia’s spunk, but I hope Amaryllis doesn’t go away. I love her. :(

  2. Melissa Says:

    I have to agree with Natasha! It does sound a bit like someone is leaving the story. You have a great Wednesday!

  3. Sarah - Dodeline Design Says:

    Ooo I think I might need to double back and read some more of these – it’s so beautifully written! You have such an imaginative way with words and descriptions!

  4. Faith Says:

    You always know just where to leave us to keep us wanting to come back for more!

  5. Ramona Says:

    I think she’s mad.

  6. Pam Says:

    I don’t want Amaryllis to go away!

  7. joeinvegas Says:


  8. Betty Manousos Says:

    intriguing! can’t wait to hear what comes next!
    and i love amaryllis, too!

  9. Couture Carrie Says:

    Say it isn’t so!


  10. She is Sara Says:

    Oh wow, what a twist!

  11. Words Of Deliciousness Says:

    Can’t wait to see what will happen next.

  12. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella Says:

    My goodness, what is she going to do? :o

  13. Lady Fi Says:

    I’m on tenterhooks!

  14. Jennifer Says:

    :-( Maybe Amaryllis doesn’t have to die? Maybe she could just think that she has to, but in the end, SURPRISE! SHE’S LIVES! …Right?

  15. Charlotte Says:

    I don’t want Amaryllis to leave either! But as always, excited to raed the next segment!

  16. Marjie Says:

    Magnolia will get it worked out! But we’ll hate to lose Amaryllis.

  17. Rachel (S[d]OC) Says:

    Marjie is right. Magnolia will keep things going I’m sure, but Amaryllis will be missed!

  18. Michelle {Fun On A Dime} Says:

    Thanks for stopping by my site to help me celebrate my SITS day! I love the look of your site!

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