Magical Monday: Four

Posted on January 30th, 2012 in Magical Monday, Stories


Four years ago, I abandoned my grilled turkey and cheese sandwich to drive with Ben across town in the dark of night.  

Four years ago, I feel to my knees in a strange house as four puppies came prancing toward me. One little white girl climbed in my lap and a little brown boy gnawed on my toe.


Four years ago, I drove home beaming, tears of joy falling on the two squirming bodies in my lap.


Four years ago, you chose us.

Four years ago was one of the happiest days of my life.



Happy Birthday, Bitty and Bear.



Stay tuned, Invisible Friends!  We have a new Fabulous Woman of the Pond tomorrow! 



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40 Responses to “Magical Monday: Four”

  1. The Dainty Doll's House Says:

    Love them, they are precious!! xx Happy Birthday!!

  2. Joanne Says:

    Aww happy birthday to the cuties!

  3. Couture Carrie Says:

    Awww, happy birthday, little darlings!


  4. gloria Says:

    Happy Birthday to Bitty and Bear, are adorables Duckie!!!

  5. Jenn Says:

    Happy Birthday to Bitty and Bear! I hope their day is filled with lots of snuggles and peanut butter. Have a great week!

  6. Ramona Says:

    Happy 4th b’day you sweet babies!

  7. Natasha Says:

    I teared up reading this post. I can totally imagine two little angels coming up to you and being all snuggly. Happy birthday to your babies.

  8. Audrey Says:

    What a cute story. We got our guy from the rescue shelter about a year and a half ago. This weekend we traveled out of town and he was great. We did a ton of reminising about how much he’s changed….he’s a cocker :)

  9. April Says:

    Aww…now that’s a love story if I’ve ever heard one!

  10. Marie@feedingfive Says:

    Oh my gosh they’re too cute for words. But I would have taken the sandwich with me. Happy Birthday puppies!

  11. Channon Says:

    Happiest of birthdays to you!! They really do choose us, don’t they?

  12. Pam Says:

    Birthday kisses to the little ones.

  13. Marie Says:

    Duckie I remember how excited you were when the babies came to live with you and Ben and how excited we all were for you. I love my furry baby. She is Todd and my world. I know Bitty and Bear are everything to you and Ben too. I love you all! xxoo

  14. Lady Fi Says:

    Awwww… so cute! Dogs make life complete.

  15. LANA Says:

    Happy Birthday to your babies. Party?

  16. amy b.s. Says:

    i can’t believe how tiny and cute they are! happy birthday to your pups!

  17. Amy Says:

    Beautiful little sweethearts!

  18. joeinvegas Says:

    Happy Birthday! (wait, haven’t we been celebrating all week?)

  19. Chewthefat Says:

    I didn’t know they were brother and sister!

  20. Pietro Says:

    They are so lovely!

  21. (FL) Girl with a New Life Says:

    Give em both a squeeze for me.

  22. Teri Says:

    I bet they had a wonderful day!

  23. Louise Says:

    Oh those kids are just so darn adorable, Miranda. And so are you and Ben. What a lovely family:) I didn’t realize Bitty & Bear were siblings either. Just too cute. Happy Birthday one and all!!! When is the party???

  24. Marjie Says:

    Happy Birthday, Bitty and Bear! Hope your Mom gets you peanut butter cookies!

  25. Maris (in Good Taste) Says:

    OMG! They are so precious!

  26. Sophie Says:

    Ooooh,…what a lovely ode to your 2 little doggies! Lovely! :)

  27. mimi Says:

    Happy birthday to Bitty and Bear. What time is the party?

  28. Frugal in WV Says:

    Happy birthday to them, they are too cute!

  29. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella Says:

    Aww Bitty and Bear you are so loved! :)

  30. Reeni Says:

    Happy Birthday to Bitty and Bear! Give them kisses for me and Moon!

  31. Hope Adela Pasztor Says:

    So cute!! =)

  32. Words Of Deliciousness Says:

    Happy birthday to your pups. You looks so happy in your pictures.

  33. Juliana Says:

    Lovely pictures…Happy Birthday!
    Have a great week :)

  34. Megha Sarin Says: cute <3

  35. Cakelaw Says:

    Happy birthday Bitty and Bear! You are such beautiful babies …

  36. Barbara Says:

    Happy Birthday to your two sweeties!

  37. Sue Says:

    Happy Birthday Bitty & Bear :)

  38. Charlotte Says:

    Happiest of birthdays to your sweet little ones. My, are they ever adorable :)

  39. Erin Says:

    Oh gosh, they are so adorable. Happy 4th birthday, sweet pups.


  40. Alicia@eco friendly homemaking Says:

    Oh they are so adorable and I can see why you have such a big smile on your face. They become one of the family so very quickly.

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