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Hello, Invisible Friends.  Queen Bitty here.


Much to my dismay, the Blond Duck loves to dance.



It’s embarrassing.



She dances all the time.  Ridiculous.


So when the Blond Duck stumbled upon Annette’s blog, Enjoy Your Healthy Life, and found a former ballet dancer now Zumba teacher…

Let’s just say, I’m not amused.

Let’s learn more about Annette, shall we?

1) Tell me about being a ballerina. What was it like? Did you always know you wanted to dance growing up?


I loved being a ballerina! I think because it was such hard work it was so rewarding when we performed. I really am someone who enjoys being pushed and then seeing the beautiful benefits of that hard work.


Ballet is not something you take lightly if you love it and/or want to be good at it. I had ballet classes 6x/week for years and years. And almost every day I took at least 2 90-minute classes. So that’s at least 3 hours 6x/week. It is grueling, hard, and intense, but oddly, I loved it.


I did not love the politics of it all (dancer mom’s who get up in everyone’s business), and the perfectionist side of it, at all. I NEVER felt like I was the best ballerina in classes. And I noticed I was definitely not the smallest (I was the tallest, was the most endowed-which wasn’t saying much-, and had bad arches). I also danced with the most prestigious ballet school in the area, so it was very competitive.


I never wanted to be a ballerina when I was younger, but I learned to love expressing myself through dance and in the music. It was oddly calming (even on our tiptoes) :)



2) How do you think dance inspires creativity?


Dance inspires creativity because as you do it your body becomes the vehicle to create a canvas to the music. It is liberating and inspiring to be able to move your body in such a way that it brings chills to the audience (and yourself)!

3) What made you want to teach zumba? What do you love about it? Is there any room for creativity?


When I first went to a Zumba class I felt a little silly–shaking it so much-but I really enjoyed it. As I kept going I realized how it brought the best out of my ballet (and Jazz) training from back in the day, and it made me feel empowered. In Zumba, I let myself go and forget my worries and troubles–it clears my head and makes me feel on top of the world!


I of course was inspired, so I took it upon myself to get trained and certified. Now I teach Zumba 3-4 times per week and seriously love the sweat, exhilaration, and booty-shaking that comes with the job title!


In Zumba there is SO much room for creativity because the music is what dictates the beat…..but each person can feel and/or hear that beat differently through their body. It is amazing to collaborate with other Zumba instructors because each is unique and creative!

4) Why do you think women are drawn to dance?


Dancing is a FUN way to forget about stress and to shake the booty and hips. It is THE place to let go and be that person you might be afraid to be on the road or in the shops. Dancing allows a person to truly become who he or she is meant to become because it draws on that inner creativity and excitement that is sometimes stifled by worldly distractions, obligations, and responsibilities.


And let’s be honest, it is a GREAT way to sweat that is not boring nor tedious! Dance is a fitness party in disguise!


5) What do you think of the mind-body connection between exercise and creativity? Have you noticed a connection in your own writing?


Because exercise is a great way to get the endorphins flowing, which in turn stimulates creativity, exercise can be the drug to get anyone to feel happy, less stressed, and completely free. Dancing, as a form of exercise, is the ultimate way to feel that, in my opinion.


I feel like I am able to be more open, creative, and myself in my writing now that I dance more regularly. I think I “lost” myself when I was not dancing ballet (I quit in college, during my first year as a declared Ballet Major), and when I had not found Zumba yet. Through Zumba (and a few other avenues I discuss on my blog), I was able to overcome disordered eating habits such as anorexia, binge eating, and emotional eating.

6) Why is important for women to exercise out of joy rather than obligation?


The second exercise feels like a chore, it becomes that. It becomes a burden and an annoyance. The KEY to being able to enjoy exercise is to do something YOU love, and to be thankful for that ability to move every single day. The second we realize how LUCKY we are to be able to move our bodies, we will never skip a workout and we’ll be excited to hit the gym and/or dance studio every time.


7) Queen Bitty wants to know what your favorite pie is. 


Awwww. I actually don’t like pie. Weird, no?? But I love frozen yogurt and chocolate chip cookies.

8) Bear wants to know the coolest place you’ve ever danced. 


I danced with my husband in Cancun on our honeymoon. I also danced on top of a mountain in the Alps of Switzerland (where my mom is from).

9) What’s your favorite thing about teaching zumba and aerobics?


Seeing others’ excitement and love for dance and exercise. I LOVE motivating other people and seeing the fire catch in their eyes and bodies. It is so empowering. I love what I do!


10) What goals do you have with your blog and teaching?


To love it every day! And to share that fitness love with all whom I contact with.

11) Any future plans? Are there any tips you’d want to share with the Invisible Friends?


I offer coaching services for anyone looking to lose weight for good, anyone who wants to end binge eating or emotional eating for good, or for anyone who wants to get into fitness but does not know how. I also offer online Personal Training and nutritional services. If you just want to read something, I write a daily health and fitness blog with tips, motivational quotes, and personal stories to excite others to enjoy fitness every day!


My tips would be these :

1.) Find an activity you love and do it for 20 minutes 5x/week. Increase that time every 2 weeks by 5 minutes until you get to 1 hour. You’ll be amazed at how GOOD you feel!!

2.) Shop the exterior of the grocery store and you’ll be less tempted to eat foods that come in packages, cans or boxes and contain long lists of scary ingredients.

3.) Spend time with your loved ones every day…somehow (phone, Internet, face to face)!!

4.) Be thankful for your body and show that thanks by moving it, dancing to music, and feeding it lots of fruits and vegetables and whole grains.

12) Is there any way you could make the Blond Duck not look like a spaz during Zumba?


Forget yourself and just move to the music. Don’t stare at yourself in the mirror, watch the instructor and mirror her movements…..and SMILE! That makes anyone feel like a million bucks no matter what she thinks!



She’s obviously never seen the Blond Duck dance.  There could be a mirror the size of Mars and she’d still look like this.





Find Annette at my Fitness Perks, LLC website, or email her questions at


Stay tuned, Invisible Friends!  A new Wings mañana! 

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37 Responses to “Creative Woman of the Pond: Annette from Enjoy Your Healthy Life”

  1. Sorta Southern Single Mom Says:

    Oh to find an extra hour a day… 20 minutes yes, an hour.. nope… I’d have to sacrifice sleep and I already don’t get enough!

  2. Linz @ Itz Linz Says:

    great advice, as always, from annette! such a motivating woman!

  3. Andrea@WellnessNotes Says:

    Great interview! And great, doable tips!

  4. Couture Carrie Says:

    Fun feature!
    I wish I was coordinated enough to teach zumba!


  5. Miranda Hardy Says:

    Looks like such fun. I enjoy dancing, but rarely get the chance. Would be great to do it for exercise.

  6. Natasha Says:

    This was a great interview. I’m a huge fan of ballet but my body is no longer suited for it — or is it? I wish my sister did live in Lubbock, but she lives here in Milwaukee. She was visiting her boyfriend, who lives down there but the next time she goes, I’m going to make her bring me so we can meet! :)

  7. Channon Says:

    I love it!! What fabulous advice… I might even follow it. ;)

  8. Sue Says:

    Cool interview. my daughter is taking ballet this year and really likes it.

    Have a great day :)

  9. My Inner Chick Says:

    Loved the interview, photos, & advice.

    20 minutes seems VERY realistic. I’d love to take ZUMBA. It’s the new craze, isn’t it?

    Xxx Kisss

  10. Sara Says:

    I just started Zumba last week and I love it! I have no idea what I am doing for the most part, but, once a week it breaks up my lame 1 hour run :) I say try it girl!

  11. vianney Says:

    great interview..I think I would kill myself if I did zumba, lol

  12. Pam Says:

    I’ve heard great things about Zumba… I need to give it a try.

  13. Teri M. Says:

    This was a fun post. I tried Zumba once. I stayed far, far in the back. Felt very silly. But I know if I kept at it I would, eventually, figure out some of the moves. Maybe.

  14. amy b.s. Says:

    this is too funny!

  15. April Says:

    I dance every chance I get! Zumba looks like such fun! I used to do Jazzercise, so if it’s anything like that, I’m sure I’d love it!

  16. Annette@EnjoyYourHealthyLife Says:

    All you friends… CAN do it :) Check out a nearby class and just shake it! I promise that dancing is a part of us, deep down inside. We just need to let it come out (and Zumba is a great place to do so!) Let me know if you have questions. ANd thank YOU Blond Duck, for featuring me!

  17. joeinvegas Says:

    As long as you like your dancing then it’s gorgeous

  18. Ramona Says:

    Great interview….I wanted to learn ballet.

  19. 5 Star Foodie Says:

    Great to learn about Annette! I’ve always wanted to try zumba!

  20. lisaiscooking Says:

    “Dance is a fitness party in disguise.” I love that! I want to go dance off a few calories now.

  21. Marjie Says:

    You always find such fun people! But I still can’t dance.

  22. Frugal in WV Says:

    Great interview, I used to be a ballet dancer also :) I’ve never tried Zumba before!

  23. Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell Says:

    I’m still trying to find the joy in exercise! My niece is going to study ballet in college. It’s a rough gig.

  24. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella Says:

    I wish I could dance better (I also wanted to be a ballerina!).

  25. Words Of Deliciousness Says:

    Great interview. Zumba looks like it would be fun to do.

  26. Monet Says:

    What a great interview! Thank you for sharing it with me. I want to dance again now :-)

  27. Anonymous Says:

    LOL! You shouldn’t feel that way about Blond Duck. She is a freespirited, fun young woman. She loves you so much she doesn’t care what you do, does she? So be a good girl. ;)

  28. Reviewer11 Says:

    OOps that was my post above. Forgot to fill it in again, LOL!

  29. Pietro Says:

    Nice interview, I’ll go to Annette’s blog!

  30. Louise Says:

    What a FUN post. I’m doing a bit of hip dancing right here in my seat, lol…I actually dance all over the house. Marion has finally gotten use to it.

    Thank you so much for introducing, Annette. She sounds invigorating!!!

  31. Alicia@eco friendly homemaking Says:

    Great interview ans I love that picture of you on the ball. So cute!!

  32. viviene @ thejourneyofawoman Says:

    Great interview..I just started dancing as a way of exercise but mmm.. I’ve not danced this week. Opps..

  33. Leah @ LeahMarieV Says:

    I need to try zumba!! I also love to dance, of course, when I dance I sing… so no one else enjoys that!! ;)

  34. Jen Says:

    Oh my goodness- that pic of you on the ball- lol. I’d love to do zumba with the Blonde Duckie. Too bad I live so far away! :( Hope things are well your way- good interview!

    Jen from
    Creative and Curious Kids!

  35. Kristin Says:

    I always wanted to be a ballerina. Le sigh. So cool!

  36. Charlotte Says:

    What a great interview! I have always wanted to try zumba… Annette is extremely inspiring :)

    Also, love that video of the camel/girl racing at the end. HAHAHAHAHA, and I’m SURE you are way more coordinated than you give yourself credit for!

  37. Leslie Says:

    I am so going to need Annette in just a few months…thanks for introducing such a fun personality!

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