If I had a Mini Pig….

Posted on March 27th, 2012 in Stories




If I had a mini pig,

in my miniature critter zoo,

Not just any piggie,

But a teensy tiny one will do.

I would name her Petunia,

And Give her tons of treats,

Make a Ring of Roses for her head,

Soft and Pink and Sweet.

If I had a Mini Pig,

We’d go strolling along the block,

Her in a pink halter, me a Pink Dress,

Blowing all the gawkers a big piggie kiss.

If I had a Mini Pig,

She’d ride in my purse everywhere,

Her Little snout twitching wildly,

sucking in the vibrant air.

If I had a Mini Pig,

We’d frolic and snort and sniff,

Swim at the neighborhood Pool,

and even venture to see her cousins at the zoo.

If I had a Mini Pig,

That snorted and Squealed,

Snuffled and Sniffed,

I’d sniff and snort right along,

A snorting Sniffling Song!

Oh if I had a Mini Pig,

How Happy I’d Be.

But Maybe It’s better….

Not to suffer the Wrath of Queen Bitty.


Stay tuned, Invisible Friends!  We have a new Wings Mañana and delicious recipe for Humans Thursday! Stay tuned!


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38 Responses to “If I had a Mini Pig….”

  1. Couture Carrie Says:

    Too adorable!
    I need a teacup pig!


    P.S. Try Gottex one pieces :)

  2. Faith Says:

    Oooh, these pics are so adorable! I love the one where he’s lounging with his legs up, lol!

  3. Sela Toki Says:

    So, so cute and hilarious. Especially the little piggy soaking up the sun. Got me rolling in laughter. Had my 10 year old read in and now she demands a mini pig. Thanks for always dropping by and for the birthday wishes. Have a great Tuesday.

  4. Chad Aaron Sayban Says:

    Very cute! I like it…but don’t tell Queen Bitty.

  5. Betty Manousos Says:

    wow, sweet ducky, this totally uplifted my morning!

    SO cute and funny!

    and thank you so much for your get well wishes for my sister.
    much appreciated!

    big hugs!

  6. Channon Says:

    Heh. The whole time I was reading along, I was thinking, “The Queen will NOT be amused…”

  7. Natasha Says:

    I think Bitty wouldn’t mind a couple of mini pigs in the house. They’re so cute. I think I just died a little bit.

    I’m not heading anywhere for Spring Break except for my bed. I have some makeup homework to do.

  8. Scraps Says:

    If I had a mini piggie, or even one of the pot-bellied sort, I’d have to name it either Bacon (for obvious reasons) or Maxwell (for the Geico commercials).

  9. Jennifer Fabulous Says:

    This is ADORABLE!! What a cute poem and I’m smitten with these photos of the darling little piggies. :)

  10. Ramona Says:

    I want one! But, I’d have to hide it from my redneck hubby.

  11. Sophie Says:

    If you had a mini pig, would you still eat pork???

  12. Kristina P Says:

    So cute! I love mini animals.

  13. mary jo Says:

    OH yes, I need a mini-pig!

    xo Mary Jo

  14. Kimberly Says:

    Your last line was my thought the entire time reading your poem. You would suffer, I’m sure! :) Cute cute cute. I love that picture with the crash helmet. I may have to have that pig!

  15. Pietro Says:

    Beautiful song! I like the rhymes too!

  16. Jenna Says:

    Oh, such a cute poem. And cute PICTURES! I want a mini-pig, too.

  17. Juliana Says:

    So cute the pictures and the poem…you sure made me smile :)
    Hope you are having a fabulous week!

  18. Missy | The Literal Mom Says:

    Those pics were adorable! I always wanted a pig. Until I had children. ;)

  19. Chewthefat Says:

    I also had the same question about pork as an earlier poster!

  20. Marjie Says:

    Baby pigs are cute. But they won’t stay as cute as Bitty and Bear.

  21. OneMommy Says:

    Awww! So cute!
    I love the poem and the pics!

  22. Words Of Deliciousness Says:

    Baby pigs are always so cute, too bad they don’t stay little for very long.

  23. Hilda Says:

    That is so cute!! And Petunia is a perfect name for a baby pig. :)

  24. Cakelaw Says:

    Love this! Now I want a mini pig – they are adorable.

  25. Hotly Spiced Says:

    Those pigs are so adorable and I’m sure they’d make great pets. Love your poem and the images are priceless xx

  26. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella Says:

    I really want a teacup pig too! :o

  27. Kristin Says:

    Yep…You’d probably be in trouble with the queen if you brought one of those cuties home!

  28. Lady Fi Says:

    So adorable!

    (Even mini-pigs grow up to be giants though!)

  29. Sue Says:

    those are so cute. I’d like one too – but I’d also maybe want a diaper for it too – lol.

    Adorable pictures :)

  30. Patricia Says:

    What a wonderful, fun read!

  31. (FL) Girl with a New Life Says:

    They are pretty dang cute.

  32. 5 Star Foodie Says:

    awww the mini piggies are adorable!

  33. Rach Says:

    Aww such cute pictures!

  34. Audrey Allure Says:

    Aww so cute!!

  35. Jenjen@GottaLoveMom Says:

    Adorable! I’m sure George Clooney will enjoy reading this!

  36. Corinne Rodrigues Says:

    Now I want one too…Only don’t tell Pablo!

  37. Jennifer Says:

    If only they’d stay mini! :-)

  38. Tabby Says:

    Awwww. Sooooo cuuuuute piggies! Love them! I wish they won’t ever grow up and stay as cute as they are on those pictures! <3

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