Friday Five: Fairy Tales pt 2

Posted on June 22nd, 2012 in Stories


They told me it’s crazy to dream of love and happily ever after…



Of princes and knights in shining armor, 



They told me it’s crazy to dream of fairies and enchanted forests in Central Texas,



Of unicorns and dragons of legends untold…



(Painting by the Blond Duck.)

But I bet their shoes don’t have wings, for otherwise they’d fly among the stars.


What’s your fairy tale wish this Friday?


Stay tuned, Invisible Friends!  A new story tomorrow! 

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30 Responses to “Friday Five: Fairy Tales pt 2”

  1. peachkins Says:

    I wish my prince would come and see me tonight!!

  2. Couture Carrie Says:

    Such a sweet post, darling ~ love these pics!


  3. Sue Says:

    That the cable guy would show up on time – lol

  4. Joanne Says:

    Such a happy post!

  5. Channon Says:

    Happy Friday!

  6. Carol @ Always Thyme to Cook Says:

    Have a great weekend!

  7. Mary Jo Says:

    Love how you made your own fairytale come true. I’m working on mine too :)
    Happy weekend to you!
    xo Mary Jo

  8. Cafe Fashionista Says:

    Awww…I’m so glad that you found your Happily Ever After, Duckie! :)

  9. Petty Witter Says:

    Looks like you found your prince. My wish would be that no girl has to kiss too many frogs before finding hers.

  10. Bonnie Says:

    Can a fairy tale wish involve getting a new car? Because that’s mine.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  11. Amanda Says:

    I believe in fairy tales too! I’m living my fairy tale already :)

  12. dani Says:

    Love the pic, great job sis!

  13. Natasha Says:

    I love your painting, Duckie! It’s so beautiful. My fairy tale would be to concentrate on a fairy tale today.

  14. Lana Says:

    Nice painting.

  15. Marjie Says:

    You can dream of whatever you want; that’s not for others to say. Dreams make us happy!

  16. Kelly Deneen Says:

    Happy Friday to you!! I hope you have a lovely weekend.

  17. Nicole Says:

    That painting is awesome!! Love the realisticness of that butterfly! I don’t think I have any fairy tale stories.

  18. The Dainty Doll's House Says:

    Love it!! Your painting is beautiful. We all have to make our fairy tales come true :) ))) Have a wonderful weekend darling girl!! xx

  19. Mary Says:

    Once again, I absolutely love these posts. Living happily ever after as well and loving it!

  20. Chic 'n Cheap Living Says:

    Shoes with wings – cute (like the Prada ones from this past season!)

    Chic ‘n Cheap Living

  21. Words Of Deliciousness Says:

    Hope your Friday was a lovely one!!

  22. Mary Says:

    What a happy post. The two of you seem to take great pleasure in each others company. Have a wonderful weekend. Blessings…Mary

  23. Kimberly Says:

    Love your painting. Butterflies and shoes? Two of my faves. We’ve been reading lots of fairy tales during the last few weeks of school. I love them!

  24. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella Says:

    I definitely believe in fairy tales and magic! :D

  25. Betty Manousos Says:

    i always love your friday five!

    awesome photos!

  26. Betty Manousos Says:

    and i love your painting as well!!!

  27. Betty Manousos Says:

    have a fab weekend!


  28. Liz Says:

    I’m so glad my wishes have come true, too! I have to remember to count my blessings every single day.

  29. Charlotte Says:

    You are just something else. So very cute this is. My fairytale wish? In many ways, I am living it.

    Hope you enjoyed your weekend!

  30. Cakelaw Says:

    My fairytale wish is to be perpetually on summer hidays without a care in the world.

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