Tales from Poetry Class

Posted on June 19th, 2012 in Stories

This is all a true story. 

I turned around from the board and smiled.  ”So let’s try doing a sonnet together.”

They groaned, squirming in their chairs.

“What should we write about?”


A woman in the front row in a turquoise dress perked up.  ”Butterflies!”

My lips twitched as I eyed her yellow purse covered in purple butterflies. “Ok.  So how should we start?”

“I don’t want to talk about butterflies.” Another woman pouted.

“Can we do freestyle?” A man whined.

“What’s assonance again?” A woman peered up at me through huge bug-eyed glasses.


“I want to write a poem about boxing.”  An older man grumbled in the third row.

“So a sonnet about boxing?” I suggested.

“Crimson like the tide of war!” the older man bellowed.  ”Blood spewing from fists!”

“The butterfly floated on the breeze,” Turquoise dress cooed.

“I hate getting old!” the second woman screeched.

“I hate freestyle!” the third woman glared back at her.  ”Sonnets have structure!”

“Your face has structure!” the second woman hissed.

“Butterflies are so pretty,” Turquoise dress cooed.

“Boxing butterflies!” the man in the back bellowed.  ”That fight caterpillars!”

“Or centipedes!” the other man added.

Setting down my marker, I swallowed my giggles.  ”Who wants a five minute break?”

Feet thundered toward the door and down the hall.  I plopped down at the desk, my hands buried in my hair.


I glanced up.  The woman at the turquoise dress looked at me hopefully.

“Can we write a poem about butterflies?”

I glanced around the empty room.  Then I picked up the marker and smiled.

“Sure.  We’ll write a poem about butterflies.”


Stay tuned, Invisible Friends! We have a new Wings mañana! 

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11 Responses to “Tales from Poetry Class”

  1. Joanne Says:

    Who knew poetry clsss could be so rambunctious!

  2. Sorta Southern Single Mom Says:

    Were you a college professor?

  3. Natasha Says:

    I’m glad that you did a poem about butterflies, but those students are so rowdy.

  4. Betty Manousos Says:

    always love your stories!!!

  5. Marjie Says:

    Boxing butterflies. Typical dude.

  6. Rach Says:

    Fun :)

  7. Nicole Says:

    I love butterflies. I laughed at “Your face has structure!”

  8. Kimberly Says:

    Welcome to my world…Teaching is hard especially writing since there are sooooo many opinions and ideas about what should be written about. I would imagine adults would be easier in some respects, but much much harder in others.

  9. Reeni Says:

    OMG that is hilarious! I wish I was in your class!

  10. Pietro Says:

    A funny struggle of opinions :-)


    Such a lovely tale! :)

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