It happened last night

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Picture From the Daily Puppy

He blamed it on the rain.

He hadn’t meant to go so far.  But when the grey clouds had swirled overhead and washed away the heat sun and smells of the week, he couldn’t help himself.  Every inch of the sidewalk was as inviting as the first page of a new book.  Every blade of grass was sweeter and with every shift of the breeze, barbecues and laughter from far away houses beckoned him near.

It was his curious nose and his traitorous paws that had carried him so far.  What he meant to be a quick trip down to investigate the neighbor’s new tires had turned to a trip to the mailbox to sniff the fresh yellow stains around the metal base and a quick jaunt after a small girl on a pink bicycle.  Now he was surrounded by new smells and new sights, but all he longed for was the comfort of his own pillow and human.  He sniffed.  Nothing.  The breeze was still and dark was falling.  He could barely see his own paws as he raced up and down the sidewalk, passing houses that all smelled alike.  Dogs barked and cars eased by.  He heard a woman shout and craned his ears.


Not his human.  His ears drooped but he trudged forward, his nose hovering above the cement in a vain attempt to catch the trail home.

“Hey buddy.”  Grease stained fingers stretched under his nose and he gave a ginger sniff.  Friendly, but not his.  He allowed himself to pause for a quick scratch behind the ears.  Arms scooped him up and fingered the collar around his neck.

“There’s a number,” the delicious smelling girl cradling him said, fingering the frayed scarf around his neck.

 ”I’ll call.”  The man with greasy fingers vanished into the garage.

“It’s ok, boy.  We’ll get you home.”

How could they get him home when they couldn’t smell half as well as he could?  Giving her a quick lick on the lips, as she was quite sweet to try, he waited patiently until the phone call had been made.  He refused the chicken and water, turned up his nose at the bowl of dry dog food they offered, and was on his way as soon as his paws touched the driveway.  He could feel them watching as he raced up and down the street, infuriating the legions of dogs behind the fences.

But none was his.

His tail between his legs, he returned to the nice couple.  Once again, he refused the food and water.  He climbed into the girl’s lap and draped his head over her arm.  It wasn’t her lap, but it would do.  His nose was wet and cold, but he hated it too much to care.  If his stupid nose hadn’t smelled that stupid bug and that stupid lizard or that delicious fire hydrant, none of this would have happened.  He’d be at home in his own bed with his own human.

Tires rolled slowly passed, the headlights flickering.  The man ran down the driveway and he raised his head.  His nose twitched.

The driver’s door slammed open and sandals slapped against the asphalt.  ”Chaoco!  Chaoco!”

It was!  It was her!  Leaping out of the girl’s arms, he raced down the driveway and leaped into his human’s arms.  He licked away her salty tears and drank up her shaky laughter, burying his nose in her neck.

She was the best thing he had smelled all day.

Stay tuned, Invisible Friends!  A new fun post tomorrow! 

And this is a true story…Chaoco visited us last night and his owner came to take him home! 

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12 Responses to “It happened last night”

  1. gloria Says:

    what lovely story Duckie!!

  2. Tamara Says:

    Such a nice story from the puppy’s perspective! And I didn’t realize there was a daily puppy website. I must subscribe at once.

  3. Lana Says:

    I like happy endings.

  4. Petty Witter Says:

    Ah, I love a happy ending.

  5. Natasha Says:

    That was the cutest story and you were a good caretaker while Chaoco’s family came looking for him!

  6. Marjie Says:

    Poor puppy! How nice that the girl helped him find his home!

  7. Mom Says:

    love it.

  8. ladyfi Says:

    Awww – home at last! Cute story.

  9. Barbara Says:

    That is such a cute story!!

  10. Pietro Says:

    Beautiful story, a pleasant reading!

  11. Vinma Says:

    what a picturesque story. Love the picture too. Thanks for sharing :)

  12. My Inner Chick Says:

    Chaoco is Gorgeous!

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