Thoughts from your neighborhood bunny

Posted on June 25th, 2013 in Just For Fun




1) If you sniff hard enough, you might find a carrot.


2) Wiggling one’s nose in fresh grass of the early morning is the greatest smell there is.


3) Pink ears are the best kind of ears to have.




4) Do you think garden gnomes are jealous of my adorable pink ears?  Sometimes I think they’re plotting against me.


5) Surprisingly, I prefer mud pies to carrot cake.


6) If salads are considered rabbit food, why do I never get any?





7) I wish someone would build a birdbath with stairs.  Rabbits get hot too.  Birds only have feathers, but we have fur.


8) The only thing more terrifying than a shrieking child is a curious basset hound.


9) Or cats.  Cats and rabbits are not friends.


10) Is that a carrot in your pocket, or are you just here to feed me?


Stay tuned, Invisible Friends!  A new recipe and review tomorrow! 



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22 Responses to “Thoughts from your neighborhood bunny”

  1. Krysten Says:

    Aw what a cute little bunny!

  2. Erica Says:

    haha love this. Kaylin does a bunny nose. I’ll have to show you sometime!!

  3. Channon Says:

    Very cute!!

  4. Kimberly Says:

    We’ve got cottontail bunnies all over the neighborhood, it must have been a productive spring. When I take Rigby for a walk she’s anxiety ridden as she wishes to herd them.

  5. joeinvegas Says:

    What does the Queen think of bunnies in her yard?

  6. Petty Witter Says:

    Despite living on the outskirts of a city we see lots of wild bunnies.

  7. Pam Says:

    Sweet little bunny.

  8. Sara Says:

    Squuuuueee! I love bunnies!

  9. Tamara Says:

    We have a cottontail bunny in our yard – very cute but wants to eat our lettuce very badly!

  10. Natasha Says:

    Those are some profound bunny thoughts and the most adorable bunny ever!

  11. Ali Mackin Says:

    So funny but the other day I snapped a picture with my phone of a mother rabbit and a baby bunny just hopping around the streets of suburbia.

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken

  12. Pietro Says:

    Ten lovely points!

  13. viviene Says:

    Hello cute little bunny!

  14. Chic 'n Cheap Living Says:

    Aww a bunny bath would be adorable!

    Chic ‘n Cheap Living

  15. Couture Carrie Says:

    Adorable post, darling!
    I love bunnies :)


  16. ladyfi Says:

    Awww – what a lovely rabbit and such sweet thoughts.

  17. grace Says:

    can you believe people willingly eat these adorable critters? i shudder to think.

  18. Nicole Says:

    My love for cats and rabbits are equal. I had 2 rabbits; a mini and a floppy ear. I was devastated with I lost my mini (yah know, that’s how 9 years act..). The floopy ear one was my best friend. We use to lay next to each other on the patio sofa. I still regret playing less attention to him or her…Bunnies are just so so cute! I love number 6.

  19. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella Says:

    Hehe you are very cute! :D

  20. Charlotte Says:

    You are too cute. Love this little bunny; I hope I have some furry friends when I move!

  21. Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking Says:

    Oh so sweet!

  22. Cakelaw Says:

    LOL – classic – a birdbath with stairs.

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