If you give a mouse a keyboard…

Posted on August 8th, 2013 in Art, Just For Fun

DSC00526 1



A little duckie will paint it.



DSC00527 1



And a painting of a mermaid (watercolor and acrylic.)


DSC00528 1



And a self-portrait.


In works– a mixed media collage, a whimsical raccoon in a ball gown and a nursery rhyme with a donkey jumping over a moon.


And something with waffles.  Because if anything deserves to be painted, it’s waffles.


Any requests?


Stay tuned, Invisible Friends!  A new fun fiction post tomorrow! 

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18 Responses to “If you give a mouse a keyboard…”

  1. karen Says:

    love all the blues…and that mermaid one…wow babe. I wish I could paint like that…sighs.

  2. Erica Says:

    I wish I had any form of artistic talent! You do such pretty work. How about a cupcake or a cookie on there

  3. Joanne Says:

    Haha love this play on one of my favorite books growing up!

  4. JDaniel4's Mom Says:

    Waffles would totally be fun!

  5. Tamara Says:

    How could I have requests – what’s in the works sounds amazing! Looking forward to the raccoon especially.

  6. joeinvegas Says:

    Butterflies! They go with anything! (even waffles)

  7. Channon Says:

    You are growing leaps and bounds as an artist. Wow!!

  8. Natasha Says:

    More dolphins, and mermaids!

  9. gloria Says:

    love mermaids. all look beauty!

  10. Marjie Says:

    I am among the lucky few. I have a Duckie Original!

  11. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella Says:

    Hehe I can’t wait to see the raccoon! Have you seen the video of the raccoon playing the water harp Duckie? :)

  12. Dawn @ Words Of Deliciousness Says:

    Some elephants. Cute paintings.

  13. Couture Carrie Says:

    Amazing work, darling!
    Especially loving the last piece!


  14. KizzyDoll Says:

    So gorgeous doll, I love mermaids, I wish I could be one :) )) xx

  15. Pietro Says:

    All beautiful, I like the self-portrait!

  16. Akaleistar Says:


  17. Cakelaw Says:

    Lovely paintings Duckie – I especially love the mouse with the cheese and keyboard.

  18. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella Says:

    Aww Duckie what a great job and your self portrait is brilliant! :D

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