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Photo by Ben Koerner

Inch by inch,

The little slug,

Creeps up the concrete.

Inch by inch,

the little slug slides over miles and miles,

of endless white rock.

The worms laugh,

The birds watch with pitying eyes from their comfortable branches,

but the little slug doesn’t mind.

A hummingbird offered him a lift,

Half a dozen ants offered their hill as refuge,

But still he glides.

Slinking and sliding,

Creeping and crawling,

Inch by inch,

Foot by foot,

All the way to the front porch,

Where he sees his lizard friend.

Beady eyes blink

A tail flicks and kindly,

He pretends to be surprised and cries,

“Well, dear Sticky,

What a nice surprise visit!”

Sticky the slug beams,

the ache of his raw belly fading,

For all the slinking and sliding,

And creeping and crawling,

Is always worth the trip,

For a friend.

Stay tuned, Invisible Friends!  And yes, Sticky and the lizard are truly friends in our cactus patch!  

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17 Responses to “Slink”

  1. Joanne Says:

    Somehow you make even the life of a slug sound fun!

  2. Tamara Says:

    I don’t know how you do it, but you made this slug sound so endearing. I think about that sometimes – how long their journeys must be. I wonder if they even know, or if they love to slink and smell the roses.

  3. Rachel Says:


  4. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella Says:

    Eeek Duckie! I’m scared of slugs and I had to skip past that picture very quickly :P

  5. Adriana Boatwright (@AdrianaIris) Says:

    why do i read all sort of cryptic stuff in this?!?!
    when i write the most whimsical stuff is usually describing my darkest.But then again I just left Kim and I told her I am feeling a bit hormonal. LOL

  6. Adriana Boatwright (@AdrianaIris) Says:

    Kim’s blog aka My Inner Chick ;)
    I realized when I read back I sounded confusing.

  7. Pam Says:

    Ah sweet!

  8. Natasha Says:

    Miranda, you have such a talent with words.

  9. Teresa Says:

    You may be the only person on the planet who can make a friendship between a slug and a lizard sound endearing. That was so cute! What an interesting children’s book that could be ;)

  10. Sara Says:

    AWW! So cute! What a great little story!

  11. Lana Says:

    Even a slug matters to someone.
    A lesson we could all think about.

  12. Kim of A Very Sweet Blog Says:

    i hate those things. ugggh.

  13. Krysten Says:

    I don’t usually like slugs but this was cute!

  14. Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking Says:

    I am not a big slug fan but you made them sound pretty cute!!

  15. Pietro Says:

    Fine picture and fine poem!

  16. Totally Heavenly Says:

    Very sweet, this made me smile. You almost make those horrible slugs seem cute :) . Have a wonderful weekend Duckie, so glad we are back in touch!
    *kisses* Heavenly

  17. Charlotte Says:

    This is adorable. I always love how you give all animals such great personalities in your writing.

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