My book is out!

Posted on November 25th, 2013 in Book Review


Check it out, ya’ll!  My new book, The Cheesecake Queen, is out with Inkspell Publishing!

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10 Responses to “My book is out!”

  1. Totally Heavenly Says:

    It looks awesome Ducky, and i feel so proud of you to see your name in print on the cover of a book like that. My friend… the author! Congrats!!!!
    *kisses* H

  2. Erica Says:


  3. Barbara @ Barbara Bakes Says:

    Super exciting! Congrats!!

  4. Tamara Says:

    Congratulations! This is a really huge deal. I really need to own it.

  5. Cakelaw Says:

    Congratulations! That’s wonderful news. Love the title and cover.

  6. Channon Says:

    Congrats! The cover art is delectable, and I’m sure the story is too.

  7. Couture Carrie Says:

    Congrats, darling ~ so exciting!
    I’ll out it on my xmas list ;)


    P.S. Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. grace Says:

    glorious! that cover image is SO appetizing, and i can only assume you had everything to do with picking it. :)

  9. Bobby Zee Says:

    Congrats gurrrl! I’ll put it alongside Charles Krauthammer’s “Things That Matter”

    Just one question: Who cut the cheesecake?

    You continue to inspire me.

  10. Charlotte Says:

    Congratulations, sweet Ducky!!! So very excited for you :) You must be over the moon. Your latest book sounds amazing. Hope all is well with you! XOXO

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