About Me


Welcome to the Pond!  I am the Blond Duck, a whimsical writer who quit my day job as a features reporter for a community newspaper group to pursue my dream of being a children’s author!  Whether it’s stories of flying pigs and Ginourmous Lime green Unusual Gnats (GLUGs) or serial middle grade or YA stories, you can guarantee you’ll be entertained here at the Pond.

I must confess, I’m obsessed with peanut butter, waffles, French Toast, pies and all things barbecue.  I love to cook, though I’m not a creative chef like most of my Invisible Friends!  Most of the time, you can find me whipping up Mexican food, fried chicken or something really tasty and messy.  Although, due to recent health issues, most of my creations are somewhat healthy.  As disappointing as that is.


And yes, I am a princess draped in pink and rhinestones.  Elle Woods is my idol.


I have a bad habit of dancing in public.

In my spare time, I dance spastically around the living room, play with my two Chihuahuas, Bitty and Bear, and pester my husband, Ben.


The Babies: Bitty and Bear

My Writing

I write children’s stories in middle grade and young adult fiction as well as women’s fiction.  In my Never Ending Stories section, you can read ongoing serial stories.  In my Published Works section, you can check out my published books.  My goal is to write short, fun books for women and children to read.  Whether you’re at your kid’s soccer game or just lounging in the bathtub, you can be entertained by an adventure!  Right now, my goal is to publish several of the works not shown on my blog.  I’ve got tons of ideas and tons of tales waiting to be shared with the masses.


My Art


Mrs. McGill, a local artist and my idol, encouraged me to take a painting class.  I took one and was hooked.  For more paintings, check out my professional site, Words N’ Whimsy.   You can also purchase my paintings on Etsy here!