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The Butterfly Dress, by Girl E Books 

Samantha has it all- a hot college boyfriend, great friends and a spot at a fabulous university after finishing high school early. But when she finds a strange box in her parent’s vacation home, she discovers she has a secret admirer that knows a lot-maybe too much-about her. Before Samantha knows it, she’s swept into a world of fairy and dreams. But is the prince that wants her heart the prince of her dreams or nightmares? Samantha has only until sunset to decide before she’s trapped in the fairie world forever as a bride-the last thing she wants to be.

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12-daysThe Twelve Tales of Christmas

The Blond Duck’s first published work features twelve short stories celebrating the magic and whimsy of Christmas.  At the low price of $14.99 and a size small enough to throw in your purse or diaper bag, this book can get you through the worst of your holiday troubles.  After a bad night with Uncle Ted and his new wife or braving the shopping malls, pop open The Twelve Tales and let a little whimsy into your Christmas!

Stories include such gems as:

  • The Story of Iris- A hopeless romantic, Iris gives up on finding love this Christmas. But then a PR job leads to a enchanting night that restores her hope in love–and her Christmas spirit!
  • The Story of Rex the Dog- All Rex wants is a bone for Christmas. A big, meaty, juicy bone. As a dog in a vegetarian household, he knows that there’s a bigger chance of snow in South Texas. But when he learns a secret about Santa, he starts drooling in anticipation…
  • The Story of Bill- A Christmas enthusiast delivery man finds one package he can’t help opening. Little did he know it would change his life forever!
  • The Story of Noelle- Noelle’s convinced her grandmother’s fruitcake is haunting her. In fact, she’s convinced she can’t escape it.  And she might be right.

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Miss Pickles!!!! BRAND NEW! The first to the popular short story series in the Pond!

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The Land of the Flowered Bed:

The first ILLUSTRATED children’s book of three short stories perfect for reading aloud to your little one before bed or during reading time.  When a enchanted toy from a magic toy shop is abandoned Christmas morning by a spoiled child, he finds himself in the Land of the Flowered Bed, a haven of lost toys searching adventure or loving children located in a little girl’s bedroom. Three short illustrated stories are perfect for reading aloud to little ones or for children 5-12 to read by themselves. The first in a trilogy of magic and wonder.

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